I sort of feel sorry for Query, but I am fairly certain he is not capable of feeling awkward either.

The buffer has made it up to 1! I am not just entirely slacking off on my break! For the first time in quite awhile the read-ahead reward is not a total scam.

I think pretty soon I’ll have a new poll up for next Patreon goal, or something. I don’t know. Playing around with some different options. Considering redrawing some of the side bar chibis as well. Anyway, been a productive enough break, though I won’t deny a certain amount of it went to playing some video games that have been sitting in the backlog… 😛

If you haven’t seen it, check out the vote incentive. It’s a bit of a fun, as I think it does a good job of showing the difference between Miko and Ila (who many people not entirely inaccurately accuse of looking similar :P). Hopefully will replace it by the end of the week, but we’ll see…