Thus we start our intermission. I appreciate the kind words, words of advice, and general understanding that you left for me in the comments. I will be actively engaged in the comments during the break, and will be going through to follow up on the last Thursday commments shortly.

A sort of cool thing some of you might appreciate, I found a drawing from 6 years ago. Back when I made it, it was probably the best thing I’d ever drawn – I spent more than a day on it! (and I think used a reference of some sort). I believe it might be the earliest full color drawing I have The Far Side of Utopia… so old that Naomi has brown hair! Anyway, I dug it up after drawing an updated version on a lark that I’ve put up on Patreon free, so check out the modern version as well 🙂

Anyway, I’ll be around during the break from updates, drawing various bonus arts, hopefully getting the buffer updated (I’ll update the counter on the side bar as I do!), and writing long winded commentaries.

I’ve decided to post multiple pages per update rather than doing it daily I think; this means that people won’t have to tab back through the pages to find the right page if they don’t come daily, keeps the comments together, and is just seemed like it might be a better idea in general. Minus Year pages vary in quality somewhat, but I hope you enjoy 🙂