I continue my super secret no spelling error technique it seems.

Every been pounced on by a dragon? Probably dangerous πŸ™

If you didn’t see it yet, there is a new sketchbook art up – it’s… a little weird. The idea was to draw one of my characters like I was trying a human instead of a comic character. The eyes are still far too large and the art skill is too low, but I threw it up there as I thought it might be entertaining to you people πŸ˜‰ I probably should have like… used a real person for reference or something sensible, but I’m rarely sensible.

In rambling news…

Bought a bookshelf from Ikea. It came with no screws. I think they think they are funny, or it’s the worlds most dangerous bookshelf to stand near. I suspect further negotiation will be necessary. And here I was trying to avoid the extra hassle of getting a used one πŸ˜‰

One of the games I’m always working on is close to something that might someday ready for release. Is that vague enough? I think that’s vague enough.