But does it breath fire? That’s the important question, isn’t it?

This is technically a very similar magic to Ila’s giant green hand spell, but slightly more complicated, and also probably the type of magic Kally is most specialized for.

Some people asked why I use the “magic ring” effects; there are few reasons – the biggest being is the array of what magic can do is so large I wanted some unifying element to it; while it’s true that not all magic uses them (Naomi for example) it’s provides a nice consistent framework as well as bit of a currency of complication and indicator of effect. In comic they represent the calculations for the Eidos transcription.

I’m doing my best with the art, but let me tell you, when the writer told there was a semi-transparent glowing dragon coming up, the artist tried to go on strike. We’ve wrangled the artist back to his job, but we’ve strayed off the ranch here πŸ˜‰