…Kepler?… Could it be he’s heard that name before? 😉

Voting Incentive!

New month, new voting incentive!

Will try to do them a little more regularly; we’ll see if we can get back under the #200 mark this month 😉

Choose Your Own Adventure?!

So this is something I’m definitely going to regret, but I decided to pull the trigger on; I wrote the first bit of a Text Based (currently) CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) for The Far Side of Utopia; I sort of wanted to do something that would let people explore the world and Levenworth a little more through the eyes of a regular student at the Academy. Currently let’s call this a demo/prototype – it doesn’t have any graphics, I’m fairly certain there are lots of typos, and probably actual bugs, but if you want to try it out (which I can’t recommend…)


Anyway… 😉

It’s very short currently; the delay from Monday to today in putting it up was despite supposedly being a web-savvy developer and all I was have a little trouble embedding it how I wanted; none of the CMS’s I use on my sites wanted to play nice with it. The current solution is not what I would call graceful 😉

I can’t guarantee I will finish it; originally I’d planned to do it as a Patreon incentive/reward, but decided I’d leave it open to any brave soul that wanted to wander through it. It’s subject to lots of change; this is pretty much just a draft to test the tech.