Remember these two? I think this marks their first dialogue apperence, guess that means they’ve made it to the big leagues. I will have to update their cast page entries soon 😉

I think part of the reason that so many strange hairstyles pop up is when I started drawing it was one of the main ways of distinguishing the characters since the rest of the art was so… in flux. Originally both Kally and Naomi had a pony tail (this can still be seen in flashbacks of Kally), so the rest of the long haired cast go increasingly different hair styles to be immediately apparent from them 😛

Next page is almost up on Patreon; things are heating up!

In unrelated to comic news I’ve been deep deep in HTML5/CSS land. Not sure yet if I’ll have too much to share here out of it, but it’s been educational – while it does mean I’m free from CMS limitations, I will probably stick with ComicPress for this site; it’s functional and easy. I may modify it somewhat (who knows, maybe even make a real archive?… no promises).

I also may finally get health insurance soon, which is good because if I’m currently in a fair amount of health-debt from physical therapy stuff that supposedly health insurance will cover retroactively. I’m taking them at their word on that one cause I don’t like the alternative 😀 Supposedly the next step is getting approved by the hospital I had previously… who have already told me they’d take me and I’ve currently been going to… but since we are three months into this already, I have little faith it will be that easy 😉