Panel is up more or less on time, and it’s an extended one! Unfortunately I think the art quality of the background started to suffer from that ambition, but hey, it’s some sort of improvement.

I think part of the problem is the in the planning section. I need to set shots that don’t repeat the same detailed objects in the background, and spin the viewing angle around less probably.

We’ve risen quite a few ranks on TWC – thanks for the votes! For those of you that haven’t voted recently, there is a new incentive up (to the left of this commentary) – the incentive was based on a suggestion from a reader; if you have a suggestion, please send it along! As I’m able to draw more I will resume the usual cadence of bonus art, fan arts, etc (some on Patreon, some as vote incentives).

As I mentioned in a recent blog, apparently someone made a TV Tropes page for the comic. It’s pretty cool. I appreciate whoever/whomever did it; if you let me know who are I’d happily take an art request or something in appreciation. That said, it is not official and does seem to contain some level of speculation on a few (also some pretty good deductions on others…)

Update: For those that like art-stuff, the sketchbook linked above has been updated (it links to my Patreon, but the free tier drawings). Figured since it’s the first painting I’ve put up since surgery I’d share it with everyone 😀