Blarg. It ended up a little late after all that. I feel like I say this every time these days… but… next one will be on time! 😀

This page was a little hard for me to write. It’s a complex conversation between imperfect narrators. Still, I did want to spend a little time building out information on what the characters know about magic and technology.

Life and arms (the shoulder problem) have not really been cooperating to give me the time I need to produce all the content for the comic (Patreon stuff, vote incentives, blog posts, higher quality pages); while I have no one to blame but myself for letting the buffer run out, it will still be a little while before we get all the ducks in a row it looks like. Still trying; if I get out of jury duty tomorrow I foresee catching up next week. If I don’t it’s hard to say. Worst comes to worst, June is when I can actually use the right arm a little more normally (start of physical therapy), and will be able to make a lot more in a lot smaller chunk of time.