It seems that Peter wasn’t joking about hiding behind Naomi. In fact he appears to be using her as a human shield. Such valor. Such bravery. To be fair… it’s probably a good idea. It seems to have gotten a little hazardous.

Tyler seems to be getting a little carried away. Not sure which part he took personally, the part where they are treading on his turf or trying to eliminate him. Maybe the part where Otte tried to blow him up right next to a presumable populated subway car. Tyler seems confident, but is Otte and his toy armband down for the count yet?

It seems Toshe and the Security guards have opted to join the popcorn faction. To be fair, Otte only told him to stop them from interfering.

As for the comic… ahhhhhhhhh hands. Why must people always have these hands. Hands are like these weird octopus things on the end of arms. they are so bending and flexible and three-dimensional.

For those of you that haven’t seen it, check out the new vote incentive! A new one will probably be up before Friday!

Past Utopia, Print! has updated since the first time since it went on hiatus. For those that don’t know, it’s a crudely doodled humor comic I do that has nothing to do with this one 🙂