I… I don’t know if Peter is joking in the last dialog or not. It seems like a sort of good idea. Naomi’s seem like they are more likely to be explosion proof than Peter’s do.

We’ve seen the general type of magic both of them have used here before – Tyler’s from Tyler way back here, and you might recognize Otte’s magic as looking a lot like a certain little prototype-of-doom’s explosion. Though, lets face it,Β her version sort of outclassed his – notably that she ran six parallel calculations to his two.

Those that pay close attention may notice the rings for magic evococations/calculations have been updated – this isn’t as big a change some previous ones, but I cleaned them up a lot and tweaked a few things. This was one of the more minor updates coming, more are coming! We will make a good comic out of this! Someday! πŸ˜€

I feel that sort of back-burning the action sequence in the last panel isn’t quite far – but hey, that’s just how they say hello. Panel 2 is the only I was severely unhappy with – it look a little strange a flat, but unfortunately I’m out for the weekend so I ran out of time to tinker with it.