He really should have just let go of the gun.

I think that’s a bit unwieldy for a swearing, but he’s not really been one to put things briskly so far, has he?

This is also the first time <> have appeared. This denotes a different language. As they aren’t real languages, I don’t think its worth putting a t/l note on what language it is at the moment, we’ll see moving forward.

A piece of fan art I did for the webcomic Vatican Assassins got posted; you can check out the comic here and the art I did for them in their fan art section here(currently the last one the list there). Vatican Assassins is, well, what it says on the tin. The world has a wee bit more of a demon problem than the world we all know and love, but fortunately the pope has assassins to take care of them. Wait. What. I will warn before you go that it can be a little dark, and the art is sometimes on the rough side (though if you are here reading my comic, you’ve seen worse). So go check it out!

As a personal note aside, it looks like I’ll be wrapped up in Jury duty for a bit (but you were just free of jury duty a few weeks ago! – long story…) but this should impact the comic update schedule at all at a 3 update per week, there may be a little less bonus art and incentives for a bit, but there will still be some.