It seems like it’s been so long since we’ve had a comic… I dunno if I can do this not updating everyday thing!

I feel compelled to point out he is shooting a gun. In lack of similarities between the object and a gun are in fact because I’m not very good at drawing guns 😀 I feel I’ve complicated things by making autocasters occasionally look a lot guns.

Block of World Exposition.

Guns are decently effective against mages; while we’ve seen that mages can use ethereal matter creation to make a shield that can usually withstand some hits and there are handful of other ways of stopping bullets, and there are bunch of more complicated ways to stop bullets, but usually it requires the mage to focus at least briefly on stopping the bullets rather blasting you to pieces – this was what the IDS Droprover was hoping for when unleashing against Ila that she wouldn’t be able to maintain the Eidos shift bringing the ship down while holding shield powerful enough to stop high caliber automatic rounds. It didn’t work in that case because she could maintain three highly complex calculations simultaneously (shifting her own weight, shifting the IDS Droprover, creating a continuously refreshing ethereal object capable of withstanding the rounds…).

There are some guns that are more dangerous to mages – namely psionic burst rounds; these rounds are a little special and will probably be detailed in the future – there are also autocasters that function a lot like guns (ie: autocaster rifles that the Avon agents were using) and can have functions that are of varied levels of threat, but have their own drawbacks – namely that they rely on the users mana/psionic particles to fuel it – while pretty much everyone has enough to use them, it limits your shots a lot more than ammo does.


That’s a bit of a long exposition, but I feel its sort of an important point to give some info on where the balance of power falls between autocasters, mages, and technology – but we’ll see more on it later I’m sure.

Sorry no new incentive up yet. Will probably put up a new one before Wednesdays update.