For the better or the worse… back to the old tablet! I think I used the other one just long enough to pick up bad habits… but still pretty glad to be back to this one! Going to miss sun and beach and stuff though.

Despite that we the readers get to see a much more extensive view of Peter’s actions, the other players are not idly passing their turns… As we get to the end of this chapter we are getting to see what a few of them are up to. I could understand skepticism on this front, but I rarely forget all those little plot threads that are lingering around… 😛

As usual, Ryn is acting a little genre-savvy… unfortunately as is also usual, he’s a little wrong-genre-savvy on who they are dealing with. I suppose that qualifies as a spoiler, but I view it as an anti-spoiler since means you guys know less about what’s going to happen then otherwise! 😛 I leave you guys to speculate on who he’s just hired (though we’ve only seen one of them in the comic yet!).

And yes, Ryn is the sort of person that announces to the media when his going to make an announcement… and they clear their schedules accordingly, because it’s fucking Ryn Tomorrow and he wants their airtime. Kind of him to let them know ahead of time really.

As far as the wearable VR screen that Saria is using, they are actually pretty common in the setting, especially for tech companies, but the IDS doesn’t much use them for office work as some people don’t like them. Additionally, they can project what’s in front of you, so don’t have to lift them to look at someone, but it’s generally considered polite. There are also some dangers involved with them, but hey… that’s spoiler territory! Also… I’m aware that’s not how people typically wear rings… they are not exactly entirely decorative 😛

New vote incentive will be up soon… lots of new stuff coming now that I’m home.