Well, not only is this comic on-time for the site… it was on time for Patreon! And monday’s should be up there by end of day. A hell of a thing, this being on schedule (don’t get too used to it… it upsets the natural order of cosmos or something 😉 )

Well, we see another player enter the field. Good thing there is a character list to keep track of them. What? I haven’t updated that in HOW many months? Ah… Hmmm. Uh. Well, I should get on that, shouldn’t I? Update coming soon to a character list near you! 😉

On that note, if you didn’t see the new vote incentive, check it out up to the left by voting, but it’s a limited time offer cause there will be a new one this weekend! 😛 Further, we have a new sketchbook here. Looks suspiciously like the cover-page for a short side story set in the past. Huh. Weird, that… 😛

Though I say that, I haven’t quite decided if that’s what I’m going to be working on. I’ve been been giving some serious consideration to writing an introductory series of pages that set up the world, which to-be-honest would be a bit of a 180 from my current start of “start the story, explain nothing!”, and I think targeted at a different reader group – there are some that prefer as little time spent expositioning as possible, and there are some that love every detail of the world (to balancing and moderation, I say pah! don’t defy my easily labeled categories!). I may compromise and make it a separate “about the world” page (Then I’d have to come up with a new Patreon goal to replace that one – but we’ll manage), overtime and talking to various readers it has seemed that it’s a crowd that would like more detail about the world… and ultimately I’m one of those in what I enjoy, so I will probably start leaning toward providing more mechanical information (how things work in the setting – I mean, I have spools of it as this point) at least outside of the comic in some format.

On an interesting note… I’ve redrawn the first page once more! This interesting lines up to a new version of the first page every six months (roughly), which is a sort of fun-snapshot of progress in art, they can be viewed here, here and here in chronological order. The new page isn’t exactly a work of art, but it’s just a little fun to see them side-by-side imo. Well. Besides the nausea the old art induces in me, but as I choose to intercept that as a sign of progress… here’s to hoping the new art will be just as bad in another year! I suppose that qualifies as my celebration of 1-year of posting this comic 😛

Been a fun ride, and we’ll head just a lil’ stronger into the next year.