Well, that’s the long overdue end of Chapter 6 😉

I have noted that my chapters are basically entirely arbitrary most of the time, right? 😛

So I will see what I can do about the buffer this weekend, and the fact that we’ve fallen behind on bonus content and voting incentives and the like. Unfortunately I’ve done a poor job at work-life-balance again recently, I will try to get it stuffed back in its box.

Especially as we’ve inched closer to the exciting goal on the side, we are now 85% of the way to our first bonus comic issue, a big thanks to our newest Patreon 🙂 Will need to carve out some more time to actually pony up if we make it there 😉

I think I will start taking suggestions for character-Halloween costumes next week, if we get enough maybe we can vote on some or something. Those will be voting incentives throughout October.

This is posted pretty late my time, so I apologize if spelling etc is worse than usual. I tried, folks.