…and it’s up! We return to more TV news anchors talking. I think I’ve taken the “talking heads” webcomic trope to a new level here, as I bring you literally pictures of pictures of people talking! 😉

The women on the couch is someone we’ve seen before, but I don’t really expect many people to recognize her, as she’s not had a big role so far. Plus, last time we saw her the art was a little bit… different (worse).

While we are on the subject of worse art… fck rooms, and fck perspective. Yeah, I know, I know, your supposed to draw guiding lines and stuff. Bah, to that. I know that a surprisingly high number of webcomic artist artists use 3d modeling for rooms like this – I know because many of them tell me how I should and how easy it is, but… the few times I’ve tried it takes… like… forever. It can make super good results, but I think it only really makes sense for people that get to use reuse more of their set than I do… like, most places we only see a few times… it’s just occurred to me that might be Peter’s fault. For some reason places he lives tend to blow up.

Anyway… who do you think is at the door? I bet your guess is wrong… 😉 … well, probably.