I assure you, reading all the of the TV commentary is entirely unnecessary to your understanding of the comic. Sort of like TV commentaries in general, really.

Unlike the commentary around here ya’ll leave, that contains some of the higher quality discussion, theory-crafting, and general rambling found on the internet 😀

Ah. And the best spell/grammar corrects. Of which I am sure this page will need many 🙁 Too many damn words.

I suspect that it’s one of those things that is not super clear that Avon is based in Arpon, though many of their buildings, branches and labs are in Malsa for reasons. Ryn is a native to Arpon. Arpon has done its best to ride the coattails of neighboring countries success, and tends to provide generous incentives to companies that want to move their headquarters across the border, which is why some speculate Avon has its headquarters there.

Historically it was somewhat more isolationist than Malsa, but it’s been reversing that policy as it tries to shove the throttle forward and catch up in international relevance to it’s neighbor. It also has larger army, spending a fairly large percentage of it’s budget on it, but has historically been kept in check by lacking mages of comparable power to Malsa’s Families.

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