Full excuse list: Worked late several days at work. Lost the entire sketch due to a combination of user error and program crashing (manga studio really doesn’t like it when you shut down your computer without saving, and promptly crashes to ensure your mistake is committed). Anyway… 😉

Will continue to try to get comics buffered… or at least, you know, drawn.

I dunno if I’ve mentioned innate technique/innate ability users in commentaries or comics before – there is really not much to the term; they are natural mages who find (usually) one calculation/spell to be very easy; sometimes at the cost of other ones, sometimes not.

It seems Ila has been caught shirking her duties already. But watching Peter was so much more boring then playing games! Who would expect him to run off on his own as soon as you stop watching him?! Ah… well, I mean, not you guys. You would all expect that. 😐


I’ve been looking for an artist to either supplement or take over; while finding an artist itself isn’t hard (considering I would, you know, pay them) finding one that I think would be a good fit may or may not be possible. It’s a mixed bag – I do enjoy drawing the comic, but have long really wanted it to be better drawn; while I was content to work on my own art to accomplish that, unfortunately that’s slowing to a crawl as I’m finding it hard get enough time.

Either way I wouldn’t stop drawing entirely; and in fact having time to draw guest art, vote incentives and sketches would be nice; right now 95% of my drawing time is dedicated to comic pages, and the rest is drawing things on whiteboards at work. We’ll see what comes up I suppose while we limp along.