I really don’t like doing orphaned speech bubbles like we see in panel two. I imagine it’s clear Peter is talking, but blarg. Originally it was a shorter line in panel 1, but the option was “cover up foreground character that I actually drew” (ie: half of panel 1 Tyler) or “cover up… ‘background’… art and have a longer sentence”; obviously choice two was better, even if it orphaned the speech bubble.

Some would say this was an error in the panel planning department. They would absolutely be right. But shush.

I feel that I also had a bit of internal war here between ‘background blob’ characters and foreground actually drawn characters. Originally I’d kept to tighter shots in panels 5 and 6 and was planning to actually draw the characters, but it seemed claustrophobic to not have wider angle shot. I dunno man, I just draw this stuff!

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