Okay… so, I’m going to try really hard this weekend to get back ahead of schedule, but I can’t make any promises. If I don’t get back ahead this weekend, we will probably have to take the week after next off again, as I’ve gotten spoiled with the concept of a buffer, and it really is better for everyone. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to that though, last week was just a pile of poor decisions, wasting time on dumb things like work and people when I had important things to be doing like drawing comics.

Anyway… also, I know the TWC voting thing is broken, will fix that this weekend too. Frankly, it’s not the end of the world, TWC is sort of a bot laden mess, so I’m not that worried about it. I always appreciate those that do vote, but, well, yeah. It’s not exactly the forefront of fair and equitable voting on the internet, so I don’t stay up late a night worrying about my TWC Rank (most nights… 😉 ).

I feel bad for Amy… she’s not actually a BAD mage. She’s just surrounded by better mages most of the time. Her friends are just not really fair people, given that she spends most of her time around Mione, Tyler, Marc. In terms of fighting with an Orish agent… well. Mr. Pink Hair here… well… he’s a powerful mage, he’s just sort of a dumbass. I’ve noted before the a lot of using magic to fight is less ability to use magic and more ability to think quickly and not do dumb things, and most of that comes from actual experience. This is what sort of bites Tyler compared to other mages in his weight class… and he’s got a way more combat experience than Amy (not to mention the whole different weight class thing).

The MTT program does not actually require you to be a powerful mage – as per their inclusion of Peter and Mium – but there is a tendency to be a big overlap between people with expertise in magical theory and people with expertise in magical application. Amy is more the study hard sort of person. I don’t know if Ila could get into Levenworth’s MTT program… for example… well, she could, probably, but not for academic reasons…

Anyway, we are already super late, so post!

Oh, about the poll at the bottom of post… yeah, I’m probably going to cut the Google ad. Those that have been here since the Past Utopia Print! days know that sort of despise a lot of advertising agency practices, and tend to be skeptical of ads in general, and due to the Patreon, I don’t really need that ad that bad anymore. The main question for me is if I’m going to cut the Project Wonderful ad as well. The Google ad gives me very little control over what sort of ad I show, and they keep updating their ToS to be less data tracking friendly (as I don’t like data tracking stuff, there’s a whole thing with ads where half of what they want is my audiance demographics).