Comic! A little later than I hoped, but ain’t it always.

For the time being I’m going to scrap the Google ad. That’s not a forever guarentee, but based on the feedback so far, and the fact that Google keeps lowering my CPM, I think in the balance it doesn’t make sense. The PW ad makes me very little, but in general I think is better targeted, as its mainly webcomics, and people reading webcomics usually care about other webcomics. I am still considering on that front. This whole thing started as that the Patreon now makes more money than they ads do, which has made me reconsider where to stand on that. I can afford to keep the site up from the patreon funds, and I feel like the ad CPM for non-video ads (which I don’t allow) is just plummeting. I don’t even like allowing animated ads, but if you eliminate that, the google ad drops to like less than a dollar a day.

So… for now, we’ll strike the Google ad and see how it goes.

And somehow Chapter 12 is still not the longest Chapter yet… it turns our that Chapters 4 and 6 were both ridiculous long for some reason.