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Moving continues to be a roiling pile of me not updating comics. I have internet now at least. Mostly done.

Merciless, after he said not to shoot her he still got swatted. Then again, I’m not sure she’d be fond of being called a kid either, though really who knows on that one yet. Not that shooting her probably would have been highly effective. It didn’t work out very well for the IDS last time. I should probably put that in related comics.

The two in the last two panels are coming out from around the car, it’d be off to their right a little here. I had wanted to get a shot with it, but it didn’t really make sense and would have involved a whole extra perspective in an already fairly complicated scene (by my pretty limited drawing standards 😀 ).

How advisable exploding things near a car containing someone your supposed to be saving is debatable (well, not really, but we’ve seen little evidence so far that she’s not reckless..), but the explosion is far less potent the last time we saw her use the same ability, or even when we saw Tyler rebound it on Otte; in the first case, she’d used all six of her calculations instead and the second incident Otte had used two, and Tyler very likely did something in the process of sending it back to him.

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