The gun used by RMF agent here is, as most of you probably assume, an autocaster. It works fairly similar to the spell we saw Mione using, in that it’s a simplified information based attack that targets the Eidos Form more than physical body. Mione’s attack would have very similar results if she’d hit a human with it. It can cut through a human’s Form well enough to tear a hole in the physical body still, but it doesn’t shatter the Eidos Form, as human Form is too hard to break apart. It’s slightly different than Mione’s in that it actually does have a mass acceleration element to it; why that is would get too far into the weeds for little burbles I put down here, but it needs it because the RMF Agent here isn’t as good as mage.

There are benefits to using an attack like this, as it’s going to have high penetration power against magical defenses (and it works vastly better against Eidos/Ethereal Constructs). I’ve noted before that using magic on another human’s Form has complications, this is not an exception, but more of a loophole, as it’s not strictly speaking magic. There are also drawbacks, and a good reason guns haven’t gone the way of the sword… er… wait, we’ve seen people using “swords” to… Anyway, I’ll wrap of my tangential rambling before we get too far out of control…

Of course, the main problem with it in this instance is that they the used it on Rovak Stas, who is not known for dying properly.

As it turns out a few characters in the last panels look sort of similar to people they are not really supposed to look similar to (just be coincidence and the lack of a huge range of unique faces that occasionally plagues our resident artist) I should probably clarify that you are not expected to recognize any of the characters in the last six panels particularly.

Lastly, I should note in regards to the RMF agents “shoot to kill” mentality two things. First, if you suspect your opponent is a better mage, you rapidly hit the point of shit creek and no paddles in a prolonged contest. Jayce noted it against Naomi – better mage has the advantage the more time is involved. Second, he likely recognizes Rovak as Orish, and possibly recognizes him as an Orish Warmage. If the former, he doesn’t need much of an excuse to shoot, if the second, well, he showed remarkable restraint.