I swear to you that reading Panel 5 is not really necessary, but I know that most of you will anyway, so I did my best to make it legible. I don’t think Mium really has a great concept of brevity when it comes to writing notes, as reading a page and reading a sentence are not really significantly different time-frames to him.

The language of the background text in the 9th panel is Reshlic represented by <{ text }>; I’ve changed the brackets on that one a few times, as last time I used <| but got a few people noted that it wasn't super clear since in some of the fonts I use "<| DO" and "< I DO" are not all that different, so occasionally it looked weird. Frankly it doesn't really matter, beyond that I did intend for people be able to assume it probably wasn't the IDS or Arpon SF arriving, which wouldn't make a lot of sense given that they would presumably be on a extraction mission and slightly more careful about damaging goods. I sometimes speculate that Rovak has less of a grasp on normal human morality than either Ila or Mium, and that's sort of saying something.