Technically she was on the last page too, but I guess this is the page where we actually see her. We’ll get her name next page, I think. She will show up more in the future I suspect.

I don’t think David likes Arron very much. Conference rooms and ties are not David’s natural habitat. He is pretty bad at conference rooms and ties. That said, his views on Arron, though unpopular in many circles, are not unique. Arron’s history a long and colorful one, and as such leaves both the good and the bad. Treason is a bit of a complicated one, really, because as you may have noticed, the different branches are not exactly cooperative at all times. In theory the military is supposed to be separate of the IDS squabbling, in practice… well, that’s a different story, further complicated by that the Situation Containment branch of the IDS is technically part of the military, even if they are not directly tied to Central Military Command. CMC is sort of parallel to IDS Headquarters branch, with IDS SC falling between them – technically under both of them in the org chart, but frequently not answering directly to either.

Of course, the current status quo is that the military is far smaller than the IDS, but generally has a precedent in matters they are involved with. This is why Arron can use that mantle to do basically whatever he wants (answering only to CMC or the Assembly, neither of which are likely to veto him); this is a legacy that Arron is not entirely un-responsible for, but also one that makes him as unpopular in some circles as he is popular in other.

I’ve sort of fallen behind the plan, so I might miss a week at the end of January. The unfortunately reality of leaving for three weeks is setting in at my job, so things have gotten a little hectic. I don’t know for sure yet, but we’ll see how it goes. Basically this month will likely end up being something of an IOU and we’ll reconvene for damage control in February. I have till the last week buffered anyway though, so we won’t miss a bunch.