I know that I am not supposed to play favorites, but I do not very much like Sophie. I should note that I stylized it as Sophie rather than Sophia intentionally, though let’s not get into my etymology for naming now…

She is not evil, stupid, or incompetent, but these are why I do not like her, not points in her favor.

May I remind you that Arron is not known for his graceful metaphors. Blame him, not me.

Yeah, I’m not even touching what language that is at the end. Be lucky that I translated it all!


Alright. So this is my last live update for the month. Fortunately we are not going on hiatus! Instead, in a giant sacrificial fire we will burn our whole buffer to appease the comic gods (…otherwise known as the readers).

Now I only have till the 26th buffered, and I come back on the 30th. This means the 30th’s update will be late. Probably will update Feb 2nd, and then do an IOU at some point. I will be scheduling the updates to post automatically, so hopefully nothing is amiss besides I will not be very active in the commenting. Please be nice to each other! There will be a moderator but they are only there to approve new commenters or if something gets out of hand (or get ahold of me for whatever reason). I will be around some as I will have internet, but just my phone probably.

This also means that spelling fixes and stuff will have to wait till I am back. Many sorrys in advance! (<like that!).

Patreon is also going to suffer a bit for this. They will still have their early updates until the buffer runs dry, but then the buffer will be dry. There is some special updates over there as filler, but it’s mostly an IOU month 😐

See you all in a month! Enjoy the comic!

(Will probably be in the comment section still for this update 😉 )