Well, first of sorry for the delay, and I appreciate your patience!

I am back from travelling and more or less back in the saddle. Sorry for leaving things MayW’s hands but as the only commenter I know in real life, she was pretty much my only choice. Ah… I mean, thanks for taking care of things while I was gone, MayW!

I will be fixed the rest of the spelling errors in the coming days, I nabbed the first couple pages last night.


Anyway, things are back to normal, I’ll update again this weekend then it’s on to buffer rebuilding. Minus Years will start updating again on Patreon, as well as a constant trickle of “PastUtopia works on learning to draw sketches” where you can see ridiculous things like Ila with a mohawk. Once I have Minus Years a bit further I’ll do some sort of vote for the next bonus comic chapter.

This is… the third appearance of Tom? I think third. And no one has punched him this time. I guess technically Kally didn’t punch him the first time, but I assure you she wanted to.