So I didn’t make the make up comic over the weekend. In the end I only really had Sunday to work on comics, and I’d committed to updating Minus Years as well as I’d been neglecting that and felt bad. So… I got Monday’s page as first priority, the bonus comic page as second, and didn’t have time for more than a few doodles.

This was on of those doodles that I decided to put up on Patreon, but after some consideration I decided to share it for the amusement of all… was just a silly doodle extension from a series I’ve been doing of characters with different hair cuts, but looked funny to me. Speaking of Patreon, we got a few more supporters; thank you all so much, and I really appreciate it. I am always looking for new ways to reward people, so feel free to make suggestions. A Patreon recently offered to buy out the Header ad on the page (raise their pledge by the amount it makes), so that one is now gone. That sort of support is both appreciated and incredible, and I’m sure both I and everyone appreciates that one 😛

Normal Monday/Thursday update this week, I think the missed update will be an IOU for the future. Then I can pay it back at some special occasion and it’ll be like two birds with one stone.