Sorry, going to be level here was a bit of trouble getting this out. Was a little behind on drawing as it’s been pretty hard to concentrate on drawing with the stupid tooth problem. It doesn’t actually hurt that much, but it’s like… really distracting when you are trying to do something that is not highly engaging. Normally when I draw I sort of just zone out and listen to an audiobook but somehow that process is really derailed by vague consistent pain and headache (turns out an old filling cracked, and for some reason that hurts – I’m not really clear on why, that’s not even the tooth part of the tooth, but mouths are stupid apparently); fortunately I’m scheduled to have them apply a lot of drills to that tomorrow, which I imagine will be briefly be far less pleasant but ultimately solve the problem.

Meh! Don’t mean to spend the whole commentary whining, but it’s so hard when there is a box right there and you can just type “Wah wah wah wah!” right into πŸ™

Some people guessed right, it was indeed Mium and Naomi; I think it’s perfectly fair that guess were mixed. While I can tell Peter and Mium apart the variance in them is probably more subtle than it should be πŸ˜› and, for reasons that are now revealed, his dialogue lines were distinctly on Mium like. This will naturally invoke the question where Mium’s default personality comes from, but… I’ll leave that an open question (some of you can probably guess).

PS: I’m aware that Naomi’s comment on gamma is not strictly correct, but it refers to a common practice in video games of adjusting the gamma on games that are meant to be dark to light up the object detail πŸ˜‰