Man, my art style must have changed a lot since we last saw Nick Otte. He looks like an entirely different person.

So I’ve been really remiss on getting the next goal up on Patreon, and amazingly we are getting close to $150, and that well, that sort of has to be a milestone, right? So we need a new goal ASAP; what sort of things would you guys like to see? I’m not forgetting I’m a little in debt from the last one still, but we need something there as I’m going to feel like a heel if we hit a major milestone like that without a goal…

Could continue more pages of Minus Years, or maybe some other bonus comic incentive, or anything else, really, just need to think it up, or get a good suggestion for something. Seriously though, thanks to everyone that supported on Patreon; it means the world to me and the comic. I’ll keep trying to make sure it’s something that merits the support.

Paneling was all over the place on this one. Top half is almost like real comic paneling, and the second half devolves into… ah… the sort of panelling you’ll only see here, or, you know, when proper paneling fell down a flight of stairs and broke.

In other news, I need to go to the dentist due a minor revolt of one of my teeth (not sure what it’s problem is) but am squabbling with insurance companies. My company swapped providers, effective the first, and the new one still hasn’t sent out ID cards for the dental and vision. Arguing with insurance companies is fun, least this way actually going to the dentist won’t be the least pleasant step of the experience – that’s just goring your gums with sharp objects and drills and things, miles ahead of insurance companies (unless they are the ones that are my clients for work and are somehow reading this… in this case… uh… no, you’re fine. I’m… uh, talking about the rest of them! 😉 )