I strongly suspect that man has a death wish. Well. People that view themselves as heroes frequently do. I am not entirely sure who Naomi saved there, but when Naomi’s intervention results in a likely less violentΒ finale to conflict, you know things are bad.

A talented null caster’s general main weakness is that it almost always has a shorter range than magic, and there are a lot of flexible ways to use magic that do not rely on directly applying magic to null caster. Kally’s reluctance to engage from long range (likely due to the level of collateral damage that would involve) gave him major advantage. Naomi’s interaction with the null caster… well, it certainly came as a surprise to the null caster.

Ila’s grammar seems to be decaying rapidly. I don’t even know where she gets those bad habits. Speaking of which, without Mium aim assist, she is a bit more limited. But firing while standing still isn’t that hard for her, as she can effectively root herself against the recoil by flipping around the weight shift she was using previously. Wasn’t so easy on the roof she was standing on though.

Speaking of grammar, that’s the first time I’ve used that particular swear (vulgarity?) in the comic. Typically I use more made up ones or just don’t translate it depending on the character, but I decided to stick to the script on this one. Sometimes it just sounds more heartfelt with a proper crudeness to it.

Naomi may, in fact, be somewhat more aware of Mium’s nature than she generally acts. She tends to be somewhat more perceptive than she may seem at times. Of course, that she understands certain things and still acts the way she does may indicate more screws loose than the alternative…


We are up to 5 buffered comics. I think this means no break in January! Will schedule them all to auto publish while I am out of the country (12th to the end of the month next month).

Typically speaking as calendar years flip over people have all sorts of ambitions for their little projects (such as a webcomics). I am not necessarily any exception to this rule, but considering that I will be gone for more than half of January, I will save any ambitions till February. Step one is to keep updating, and we’ll figure out what comes next in February. It sounds like a golden time of paradise where I get to spend more time on the comic right now, but then again the future always sounds like that to me and rarely turns out like that.


Oh… and we just passed the 3rd anniversary of the comic being posted. Holy damn. I have been doing this for 3 years?? That’s sort of a sobering thought. 3 years of 2-3 updates a week. Huh. We also just hit 300 comics. That’s a lot of stuff to hit at once without really noticing. Damn. 3 years and 300 comics? I don’t even know what to think about that. While I started with the story mostly in mind, I don’t think I could have comprehended either of those things when I started this.