Did IDS C.A. just try to have a drone shoot a missile at Kally? It’s a question worth pondering. Someone tried to shoot a missile at her, that’s for sure. I’m speculating here, but I’m speculating that it didn’t end well for the drone or the missile.

The magic in the last series of panels is actually of the same nature as Mion’s back here in delivery mechanism. It is a blast of information and mana rather than truly “real”. Most mages would call in a very powerful form of Incinerate – magic that raises that modifies the temperature anย Eidos Form drastically. It is a good bit messier to destroy things that way, unfortunately. Kally, of course, calls it Dragonfire, but she is sort of a nerd if you haven’t noticed. For some reason people don’t really argue the point with her very often though.

Only one of the IDS S.C. people here is actually aware of/has seen this ability, as it is classified. I believe he’s the one that keeps trying to insist this is a really dumb idea. That may be coincidence, idk.

The null caster isn’t necessarily empty bravado about being bad newsย for someone that primarily fights with an Eidos Construct – they are extremely effective against them. While it can get him as we saw last time, they are relatively easy to break if he sees it coming. A major difference in a red one is that breaking a part of it has fairly little effect, as we see here and have seen before, it rapidly reforms as long as Kally is still in the picture and it isn’t destroyed completely.

Of course, the dragon’s uses we’ve seen up until this point is really sort of a secondary effects. It was asked previously if an Ethereal Form shares senses with it’s caster, and the answer is no, not if it has those built in. In the case of the dragon,ย it’s effective sight range is far greater Kally’s; it’s more of a targeting system for this rather more destructive magic than built to engage in brawls, though it is fairly versatile. It can detect large moving objects incredibly well, as that is sort of what it’s specialized for.

Kally is at a fairly large disadvantage (relatively speaking) in confrontations where she does not want to leave swaths of scorched earth. A tactical weapon is not always of great effectiveness at short range, though she has some experience overcoming these shortfalls. Why someone with her skill set works in what is effectively law enforcement, well, that’s a story for another time.

Hope you all had a good Christmas or what not and don’t have too much of a cookie-and-eggnog hangover.

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