…well, still December 28th SOME places… 😉

Sorry. Been a busy week and stuff. Well, this is the closing page for 2017 and for Chapter 11… I would like to say it’s the 400th page as well, but actually… it’s the 403rd. Close enough… Holy shit. More than 400 pages? That’s… sort of… staggering. People that have read the whole thing up to this page… wow, you’re amazing :p

Going to keep it brief cause I just spent a few hours scribbling out this page and got some stuff to wrap up before sleeping.

I think naturally this page leaves some questions regarding the nature of the Eidos Card open, but I should note that Mium does not appear to need one to function on a system, but will also point to some of his rules we know, such as not being able to run on systems that entirely isolated from each other – the implication of which may spell out the primary vulnerability he might be concerned with on a mobile system without an Eidos Card. It’s a troublesome rule, but also a very important one (for presumably somewhat obvious reasons 😉 ).