The dragon can probably fly a little faster than you’d expect from a winged creature. Notably it does not really seem to use wings when going at high speed. Red constructs play better with physics than other kinds, but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally just ignore them. Case in point, it’s, ah, still a dragon, in case you hadn’t noticed… 😛

Kally is pretty good at shooting down things, really. Most mages suffer from a great of limited range – this, for example, would be a problem for Tyler. His power is quite useful, but the effective area is relatively small – even if he was able to stop something like an H.V.W. in principle, the time between something like that entering his range and it being too late is far less than the blink of an eye, let alone having to be within range in the first place. This is a problem for weapons designed against mages – which, lets face it, most of them are – as they typically a) move very fast and/or detonate outside of the mages range. Not insurmountable problems, but problems.

One thinks that Arron and Karov might have jumped on a call earlier, things could have been avoided. Communication being key and all. Of course, it’s not like there’s not consequences to that either. Karov technically outranks Arron be quite a bit in military structure, but there are… complications, and certainly a reason that both would be reluctant to call the other. Notably, the color of uniform Kally is wearing is not a mistake, and while it may beg the question why Kally has a grey uniform, anyone that’d have to ask that is not familiar with Kally… 🙂 She is a stickler for dressing the part.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Step One, but last time it was Miko that said it. I think we’ll see Step Two before too long though.

Ah, and the Very Important Poll is complete, results are:

  1. Naomi (25%)
  2. Ila (22%)
  3. Kally (20%)
  4. Rovak (16%)
  5. Miko (16%)

All things considered, it was a pretty close poll. Maybe the most even split we’ve had yet. Congratulations to Naomi!

I think she maintains a perfect record in the polling, though Ila has come pretty close a few times now. I wonder if I should do preferential voting somehow, see if Naomi would still win, or if Miko or Rovak voters would have picked Ila or Kally as their second choice over Naomi? After all, she only got 25% of the total votes, so her lead really isn’t ironclad presumably… going to have to experiment with this voting stuff, but I don’t think my poll-widget supports much complexity… 😀 Or I could just exile Naomi again after she wins a few on row 😉