I heard people note that the last comic where I had multiple locations simultaneous it was clear what was going on, so I figured I would fix that. God damn have I fixed that thoroughly this time… g’luck! 😛

Kally get’s the short end of the stick when it comes to cutting away from her. I promise we’ll get back to her – and this time I think we even will, cause I already have the page where we do half drawn… 😛

As some commentators have pointed out, Miko was a cliffhanger before Kally was a cliffhanger, so technically this comic is cliff-hanger negative. Sort of? 😛

Speaking of buffers, it’s been noted the buffer count is not always accurate, so I will add a date of when it was true; ie, as of 12/15/2016, the buffer is 1, meaning Monday’s comic is already done and Thursdays is half done. The first page Minus Years should go up this weekend as well on Patreon.

I noted a long time ago that most of Miko’s background was cut. Which is fair, as I tend to cut the background for pretty much all the characters to some extent or another. It is a little unfortunate as we were supposed to know more about Miko by this point in the story, but updates march on. Keeping the story moving is sort of like being drug along by a train for a detail obsessive author, “BUT WAIT, I HAVEN’T EXPLAINED WHERE HE GOT THAT PEN YET!! I SWEAR IT COULD MAYBE MATTER LATER!!” I say as the next scene ruthlessly starts.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the A.A. system. I think “what does A.A. system stand for” is the longest running unanswered question I have.

PS: In case you missed it, there is a super important poll at the bottom of the page. 😛