So… how many of you just read this page twice, once for Peter’s panels, once for Mium/Naomi/Nathans? How many people just read them in order? 😀 Pfff, Narrative flow is for chumps!

I don’t think either Naomi or Mium have any discernible fear of heights. Or really acknowledgement of their existence.

Poor Naomi, no one else seems to be out there just to fight for the fun of it. How strange. I mean some could point to Rovak, but realistically he’s tried harder than most to talk his way out of fights. Sometimes. He’s just not very good at it. And usually in the middle of committing rather large scale crimes (you know, abduction, terrorism, arson…). Hmm, does blowing buildings up count as arson? Probably not. The house did seem be smoking a bit by the time he was finished with it at least.