Even for Peter, a slobbering abomination in the hallway is an unusually bad day. Run the mill house-bombings, well, that’s just sort the sort of thing that happens. But this? That’s just straight up bizarre. I mean, unless you’re involved with Nathan. Than it’s pretty typical.

The grammatically abomination of the abominable construct is intentional, at least. Neither of it’s heads are particularly given to either cleverness or eloquence, as that’s really not what it was formed for. Red constructs interact with physics fairly well, so talking isn’t exceedingly challenging if it’s generally capable of it, though physics has trouble effecting them that as much as it does normal matter – they tend to just reshape back to their form as long as the magic fueling them is present unless the Form is obliterated – physics can do that, a bomb still effects Eidos data, it’s just harder to do it piecemeal. We saw a bit of that with Kally’s dragon – the IDS nullcaster broke its tail, but it just reformed.