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This is one of those pages where I waffled pretty hard on if I was going to cut it. I know that from the reader point of view it seems like I meander through every possible conversation I can, but I do end up cutting a lot 😉 . In general, I don’t like pages that basically serve to summarize what a character thinks without giving out a good chunk of new information, because there are so many characters that’s basically a never ending feedback loop. But, in this case, I decided that it’s important we know the Consul’s perspective because she is a major player in what happens – I mean, she’s really the one that kicked off the expulsion of the IDS, no matter who else had their finger in that pie.

Plus, there’s more to this coversation I think we’ll see, and it’d be weird to just drop us into the middle of it without covering some things they would obviously discuss. But yeah, we’ll see more of that conversation, even if we don’t make it to the end here without an… intermission? Of sorts.

The map behind Peter is a map of the region, but don’t look at it for accuracy. I’ve published a more accurate version somewhere, and even that one, I’m making no real promises won’t be tweaked. The countries are where countries are, but I’m not going to guarantee I rendered all the bays and inlets and islands correctly… I draw fantasy maps for D&D, but those include like Dragon Turtles and Dragons lurking behind mountains, not geographical precision.