Well, certainly not the first time we’ve seen the consul. Her hair is different than previous times, that’s it is intentional. It’s a long day, and she’s not really dressed up for speech giving at this point. I reckon we will know her real name eventually, but pretty much everyone calls her “the Consul” or “Madame Consul” for a reason that will either be explained in a lore page or in the comic someday, probably. It has to do with the position of consul, and the history involved with and… well, needless to say, its complicated. But she DOES have name, I’m just pretty sure it hasn’t shown up here.

I should probably complete the height chart I was drawing, or at least draw Amy and Magnolia in the same panel, as Magnolia is a good bit taller than Amy, though due to how I panel things they look roughly the same height way, haha. I think I get why someone suggested I actually draw the height chart, now 😉

As to why Amy calls her “Dai”, her name is Magnolia Dai; it’s the same reason that Tyler usually calls Peter “Kepler” and Peter calls him “Weber”, they tend to use people’s last names more often than most people reading the comic would find normal, and Amy and Magnolia are classmates, but not as closely associated as someone like Mione, Tyler, or Marc. I could draw a “who is who’s friend chart” – it’s a classic web of connections. Naomi and Mione are good friends, and Amy and Mione are good friends, so Naomi and Amy are good friends second degree, you see… On the other hand Magnolia hasn’t been in Malsa that long, but has made good friends with Maia for reasons that are mostly unrelated to any of the events we’ve seen so far, and Maia knows people like Amy and Mione, but isn’t good friends with them, so Magolia and Amy, for example, are like… friends of the third degree or so? Given that Maia and Arkady are both direct descendants of the Families things are a bit more complicated with them, as using their last names is a little over formal, so people their own age or older are more likely to call them by their first name… and people like Marc there’s a whole additional complication to naming… Most of this is irrelevant nonsense, I don’t know why you got far enough into this paragraph to read this.

Anyway… I suppose we’ll see how what the Consul wants to chat about… coming to a comic near you… soon… like Thursday. As that’s when the next page is, you see. … Yup, hitting post now.