I should probably link back to this page for somewhat more context.

I suspect Mir’s right, though Mir is just less introspective about her own at least as extensive issues. It’s going to be a confounding factor in the experiment… does plugging your brain into a computer make you have issues, or does only people that have issues plug their brain into a computer? These are the questions.

Miko’s backstory will probably be more important in the future, though I suppose at this point we’ve seen enough bits and pieces. Well, Mir’s too I suppose, and probably in the closer future, considering…

This page is pushing it pretty late into the week. At some point I might miss a page if I cannot reset to back earlier in the week. I’ll see if I can actually make it on time on Monday. I have roughly the whole month storyboarded out, I just need to actually, you know, draw it. Been hard to keep things together recently, all the days sort of blur together and the time I allocated for X or Y vanishes into the mysterious ether.

Been getting back into running and I think that’s sapping the time and energy reserves. They say it’s good for you, but hell if I don’t reckon it’s killing me.