And we are back! And back to mondays! We’ll see how this goes 🙂

This is the first time we’ve seen Lily, though I think we’ve seen her mentioned before as Kyle’s wife and Peter & Mari’s mother. The dissembled thing? Well, that certainly looks like the Query mobile unit that was last seen slightly shot.

I would note that for convenience sake when everyone is speaking the same language, I don’t bother with language markers most of time; consequently it’s safe to assume that they are not, in fact, speaking Malsan here, I just didn’t want to use language tags for the whole scene.

An Eidos Interface being like an autocaster would be like any of the autocasters we’ve seen that work without buttons. Some autocasters – the easiest to use – have an actual physical manual interface, but those tend to be very limited. They are specialized to doing pretty much one thing, they still require a user with a key to activate them, but you the intentionality to do so is triggered by a manual interface. But we’ve seen autocasters before that don’t have a button, and these would use the Eidos Interface; they are still far simpler to use than manually writing to Eidos, but require you to be able be able to at least interface with it, which isn’t something people can typically do without training, though in Lily’s case she’s using a tool to detect and the interface and attempt to communicate with it. It’s like an Eidos API.

Hopefully we’ll be able to stick to weekly again for a bit, and thanks for hanging in there 🙂