Comic! Sorry this was delayed; I think we are largely the last month of the production of the D&D book now, but I think I’ve said that for… 2-3 months now, so… uh, we’ll see.

Elmon is, without a doubt, a bit of a wanker. Family Heads do tend to be rather powerful mages though. While Elmon fears Camillia and to a lesser extent Ashvalt (and prefers to avoid fighting in general) to him, the realm of Family Heads is only really approached by Family Heirs, and not many of them (Eliana being something of a special case).

I am experimenting with a higher image quality. Let me know if you have issues. This one should zoom in to much higher resolution than previous pages (to help people text and things), but if you are having issues with it loading or being fuzzy, let me know.