Comic! Sorry folks; been a bit swamped with things recently. Tis that time of year that housing things need to be dealt with, getting the book worked on and coordinating stuff there is in full swing, and just generally got a little behind the ball. There’s a few sketches and things I also owe, but not quite able to get caught up on that yet.

It turns out making a book is hard. But I see a light at the end of the tunnel – the last draft I sent out for the D&D book thing I’ve been working on was 306 pages, which is basically it’s final length, so now it’s just a bit of filling this and that and getting things polished up (as you folks can imagine there’s a nontrivial amount editing to do).

Anyway… I know things on this side of the fence have been a little slow, and I expect them to keep limping along for a bit until the book stuff wrapped up; unfortunately as demands on my time go, there’s a lot more people staring at me over there waiting for things, haha. But at least I’ll try to get keep the updates somewhat regular. I would like to tackle getting the wiki working at some point as well, but it’s proved resistant to working. I don’t know. I have some thoughts and things I’m giving for consideration with updates, but nothing definitive to report yet. Either way, I remain confident that story is going to keep marching on, just thinking of some alternate ways to get more content to you folks. I enjoy drawing, but my drawing time is pretty severely crunched at the moment, and I suspect it’s obvious I’m drawing a lot less. I would like to get back to a more regular schedule of drawing, but… there’s a lot of things I would like to do, haha.