Mium’s hair seems to be back to blue.

Mium can actually taste things. He just doesn’t inherently care what things taste like. This is an ongoing point of contention between him and Ila. Sounds like Kally ended up getting lucky there was any cereal left…

Eliana clearly knows Mium from somewhere before, and knows enough to guess that Ila’s brother referred to him relatively quickly. How much she knows, well, we’ll see.

As for flying up stairs… well, all I’m going to say is that if you could fly, you’d probably fly up stairs too. Stairs suck. Flagerantly using magic for mundane things isn’t particularly uncommon, like Oriah making an umbrella with magic. While being able to fly is pretty rare for a mage, elongated hops aren’t as hard, though still challenging as generally a mage is going to want to slow down before landing, a step Ila here is skipping, though with a small hop like that it, even a human could probably land relatively safely (and many mages could solve that in various ways, such as boosting their durability a little). Of course, a booster like Naomi could probably just leap the stairs without much issue.