Ah, glad to see that autopublish is still clearly not working as Monday is well under way and the comic is not… I mean, it has to be my fault, but on the hand, that’s impossible because I’m a fully tech-literate IT person- what’s that you say? I managed to lock myself out of my own website and MayW had to reset my admin access so I could post this? Lies and slander. This is not even my actual admin account because I don’t want to reset the password on that one for reasons. EVERYTHING IS WORKING FINE, NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

It turns out that I’ve made it pretty hard to break into my own website when I don’t have my own computer. I guess that’s a good thing. Probably should have planned for that better though. It is possible autopublish thinks it is working and is just confused to the time I think it should publish, so if we get two of these comics………. oops.

…there is a known grammatical issue in the comic… at least one… pointed out by the good folks on patreon, but as one might guess I do not currently have the technical ability to actually fix things with the comic page, because that would require access to my actual computer. I’ll fix those next week, until then, you guys will just have to think that PastUtopia is prone to grammatical errors… that’ll be a big shock to some of you, but we’ll work through it together… 😐

…well, this posting time should add a new erratic entry to my posting time for those that speculate what my timezone could to generate the bizarre schedule I post on… (that’s unfair though, am travelling).