I almost published this as September again, but then people would have made fun of me… πŸ™

Now, surely, there will be no mistakes so I will seem like a smart person that’s totally on top of things.Β  Β …Β  Β …. ….(…the inevitable spelling/grammar error is found…) Damnit πŸ˜‰

Still running pen to publish unfortunately. At this point, it’s going to be that way till the break, as there’s only one more page before then πŸ™ Keep in mind, there will be some content during the break! I’ll be publishing Minus Years, so currently my priority is, finish the 16th’s comic, finish Minus Years (prequel comic, part 2) that will run 20th, 23rd, 27th, and 30th, and then back to regularly scheduled updates.

Unfortunately, either way, there shouldn’t be any updates missed, I’ll just publish at a rate depending on how much I have ready. Not really the spot in the plot/story I wanted to take a break, but what will be will be, I am pretty sure I can’t make good enough pages on my Surface (mobile tablet). Hopefully still can make something for at least Patreon, as I feel really bad about little content has been there this month as is – if you are a patron, or have considered being a patron, please feel free to give me suggestions of the sort of thing that’d you’d like to see there – I’m keenly aware I need to put more stuff there, but not always sure what to do besides the bonus comics which I have trouble getting the time to update as regularly as need be or random bonus art.

Anyway… as for the page.. I am working on being more deliberate in including the names of characters on their introductions, especially as I don’t think we have the name for either of the people in the last panel yet… 😐

Speaking of which, I hope it’s apparent, but this person in the second to last panel – while being named Otte – is not Nicholas Otte who’ve seen before. That said, the fact that his name also has Otte in it is, not, shall we say, a coincidence.Β  I figured I should clarify because the art shift since the last time we’ve seen Nick Otte has been… significant 😐