Not too much to add… I’m not super thrilled with an of the art on this page, but nothing boggles the mind in how horrible it was. I think I sort of stagnated on picture distance/angle again; particularly when I’m doing action sequences I think I need to look to other comics to see how they handle; I’m guessing there are plenty of examples of more dynamic flowing action.

In truth, largely due to how uncomfortable I am trying to draw actions scenes in particular, I’d originally planned for this arc to be offscreen and stay with Peter at Levinworth. I decided to draw this arc after all (for a handful of reasons, though I have some regrets currently 🙂 ). Don’t think it’d be fair to cut away yet now 🙂 Plus practice, yadda yadda, though I’m a little concerned with how little time we’ve spent with what is actually going on and why we care (particularly the why we care part) – but I think it won’t be so bad in the long run; I’d rather develop the story right instead of vomit expositions in walls of text, but if we don’t explain why people should care or who some of these people are sooner or later, we are going to get a little mired in the great Swamp of WTF.

We’ll see, I guess!