Yes… I did change how I draw backgrounds… again (I didn’t ink it or leave sketch lines in). I can’t imagine this will be the final iteration either; I realize that the inconsistency may be irritating; I’m working on it though, and I still think that trying to improve on it is more valuable than keeping it consistent.

I really didn’t like the sketch lines or ink lines for the distant landscape/hills, but it looks really weird doing it for the trees but not the hills for some reason, so I compromised. I think I will find an eventual compromise that involves some lines, but I don’t think I want the backgrounds to be inked the same way as the characters.


New Vote Incentive Up; irrelevant story creation back-story time!

The armor that the Avon people wear (and previously that the CI Agents were wearing) were both loose adaptions of the armor I’d designed for IDS Situation Containment “Monster Hunters”; the branch the Kally originally comes from.  This sketch is a version of the original design behind Kally; I’d originally planned to start the comic while she was still in Situation Containment… and older than she is now, strangely enough…

I guess the best way of describing the changes between now and that iteration of the idea is that I moved back in the world-timeline (the tech is less advanced, the characters are younger) and moved forward in the story-timeline (Kally’s already left Situation Containment, [spoiler] already [spoiler] [spoiler], [spoiler]… err, nevermind).