I’ve seen some comments about tags for characters; I’m looking into if there’s a way to do user generated tags, but I haven’t seen one yet. I’ve included them here, I don’t know if I will always do that going forward, but that’s simple enough to do, just not really something that occurred to me. That said, I suspect that the two characters featured on this page that weren’t on the last page are among the more well known… though I suppose sometimes Peter shows up less than one might might expect for being the essentially the main character of the comic. I suspect he has the highest page count, but I’m not actually sure… these are the things we could know if I’d diligently tagged all the characters the whole time.

Of course, tags only help so much, as different people call different people different names. Taki, for example, is what various Kepler’s call Miko. From what we saw previously, Mari didn’t see Miko particularly often, but probably more than most of the Keplers, as she originally suspected the Kyle wanted her to go tell Miko that Peter had gone missing… though we have reason to believe that Miko had been missing at that point for quite some time, she clearly Mari didn’t see Miko particularly frequently.

As we saw in the flashback, Mari hasn’t actually met Peter since he left Central originally to go work at Arron’s branch of the IDS, which was years ago at this point, and we’ve seen enough Peter from Minus Years to know that Peter has, in some ways, changed a fair bit since then, but that’s generally what Mari would think of Peter as.