Still on Central. Moving forward, I’m going to use the full black borders for when we are Central, and the white borders for when we are Palindra. Until I forget anyway.

I imagine people can probably guess how Mari might have heard about the resettlement plans, though it’s unlikely it is part of Peter’s plan for her to be involved in more than that, but Mari does not have a high opinion of that everyone would rather she stays out of danger, and as folks may have gathered from what we have seen of her teaching job, she has reason to not love it.

Of course, I wouldn’t entirely rule out Peter’s involvement in varying degrees of directness – while Peter tries to keep people like Miko and Kally safe, he also let’s them do whatever they want even when it would be might be reckless or otherwise muck up his plans – it is one of the quirks of his personality that he tends to give certain people great leeway. We also saw that with Naomi, where he was willing to let her ask Mium to interfere in the war even though he didn’t want to. While Peter will go to great lengths to manipulate things, he generally lets people do as they will, he just tries to account for what that will be, but he takes it far enough that he seems to allow people to do as they will even if when it is moderately inconvenient for him.

We have heard a bit about Peter’s backstory before. He was effectively exiled as they tried to through him prison, but it didn’t really stick.